What is your Body Telling you?

by Jo Lawrence-Mills

So often people forget about their bodies, almost thinking of the body as a separate entity and feeling completely disconnected. Forgetting that each cell holds an emotional story of the impact that life’s experiences have had on us.

 Spend some time every day /week feeling into your body ( Yoga and Meditation is so good for this ),  listening to what it has to say and developing an awareness of what is happening in the body.  Sensing into your Breathing and noticing the speed, location and depth. How you are sitting, whether you are hot or cold, tense, relaxed, achy, shivery, shaking, energetic, sleepy, balanced etc.… when you move , feel into what is difficult to move and be gentle with that place.

Let your body be heard and start being loving and nurturing to it ;treating it as part of you. Listening when it is tired and not constantly exhausting yourself by overriding what it is telling you.

By doing this we can learn to feel more relaxed and complete in ourselves , and start to rest in our own being .