Mad To be Normal

by Jo Lawrence-Mills


Stop trying to be normal.
You weren't born to be normal.
Normal means numb, inauthentic, 
identified with ego.

Be abnormal.
Be your crazy, wild, brilliant self.
Be unhinged, broken, open.
Let unbearable joy and profound sorrow flow through you.
Let every crazy thought arise and fall.

Remember, you are spacious.
You are consciousness itself.
So vast. So free. So damn real.
You are not an object. 
You cannot be contained.
You'll never fit in.

In a violent world, alienated from its spiritual roots,
you're mad to be normal.
You're sane in your unwillingness to comply.
You're beautiful in your vulnerability.
You're strong in your uncertainty.

You're loveable
without ever having to deserve it.

- Jeff Foster