I’m guessing that if you have arrived on my website the chances are that you are not feeling on top of the world right now.  Please allow me to take only a few moments of your time to explain what I do. 

I practice Core Process Psychotherapy, this is a psycho spiritual approach based on Mindfulness to life. Particular Mindfulness psychotherapy practices are widely used in the treatment and reduction of anxiety, stress and depression. The emphasis is on relieving suffering through bringing awareness and compassion to how we are in the present moment. 

With psychotherapy you may experience: 

  • A Sense of Expanded Identity
  • A re-connection to your deeper self
  • Some new tools to manage your life day to day
  • A greater sense of well being, energy, happiness and vitality
  • A greater sense of meaning in your everyday life. 

It’s a known fact that life can be challenging and it’s perfectly normal to feel upset or worried from time to time. Most of the time when life throws us problems or difficulties, usually we have the resources to cope. 
However, sometimes life can go out of balance, our problems appear to be all we are and all consuming and we can lose perspective.  We may begin to feel overwhelmed. When this happens we may need some professional support to help us work through this difficult time. 

In the safe environment of my psychotherapy practice I will offer you a deep, gentle, non judgemental  holistic and confidential approach to understanding both yourself and the difficulties you are facing.